Hit the Refresh Button

Parenting is depleting work! You need to hit the “refresh” button-on yourself. Why is it important that parents take time to relax, rest, refresh?

It’s good for your health

Taking a break during your day, even 15-20 minutes, is a proven way to sustain concentration and energy levels throughout the day. All the little tasks and decisions we have to make every day gradually deplete our resources. You need a break to rebuild your ability to say “no” by the time someone asks to have ice cream for dinner. (The kids’ dinner or your dinner!)

Relaxation is good for your heart, your memory and can help lessen depression. Check out more benefits in this article.

It’s good for your relationships

I recently heard the analogy that we are all a lot like a tube of toothpaste. When we get squeezed whatever is inside us comes out. The people closest to us tend to squeeze us the hardest but they don’t create what’s inside of us. Recharging can create space for God’s Spirit to cultivate His fruits within us.

How do your relationships go when you are full of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness and self-control? (Galatians 5:22-23) I’m guessing better than when you are full of anger, frustration and impatience.

It’s good for your soul

Jesus took time away, setting an important example for us. Mark 6:30-32 says, “The apostles returned to Jesus and told him all that they had done and taught.  And he said to them, ‘Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.’ For many were coming and going, and they had no leisure even to eat. And they went away in the boat to a desolate place by themselves.”

Hitting the “refresh” button on yourself is good for you. It’s hard during the chaos of our days to find the time. Maybe starting small with just a 15 minute break in your day is where you need to begin.

How will you carve out 15 minutes for yourself today?

Lisa Bohn

Lisa Bohn

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