Give the Greatest Gift

One day in Mozambique a father was passing by a church when he heard children laughing and shouting. He was curious about what was going on at the church even though he did not believe in God. He stopped to listen and stayed for a while watching the children play games.

When he arrived home he told his twelve-year-old son, Pedro, to go to the church. Pedro thought his dad was joking. He couldn’t believe his dad would actually want him to go to a church. But his dad kept insisting. Finally, Pedro stood up and went to the church.

What Pedro’s father had seen at the church was an Awana club and it was still going on when Pedro arrived. By this time it was no longer Game Time but Council Time. Pedro was disappointed. There was not the excitement his father had promised. Pedro thought the story and memory verses were a little boring but suddenly got interested when children started winning points and then some of the children even got awards.

Pedro decided to go back the next week and arrived in time for Game Time, which was as fun and wonderful as his dad said. He now loves Awana because it changed his life and his family’s life.

This year, not only will Pedro be celebrating his first Christmas as a Christian but so will his father and two sisters! Hearing and accepting the Gospel is truly the Greatest Gift anyone could receive.

This is a true story from Awana in Mozambique. We rejoice with children all over the world who will be celebrating their first Christmas as Christians because at their Awana club they heard the Gospel and followed Jesus this year.

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Lisa Bohn

Lisa Bohn

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