Equipped to Pray: Kenya

What truly matters? 

Kibera is a neighborhood in the city of Nairobi in Kenya, Africa. It is also the largest urban slum in Africa. It is a dangerous place to live with high crime and disease rates. There is a bright spot in Kibera: an Awana Club.  There are 1,742 churches using Awana to reach 199,557 children in Kenya.

Please watch this video with your family and discover how God uses Awana in the life of a child from Kibera.


So what truly matters?

A pastor from Awana Kenya told us, “It gives me joy to think of the chain reaction of the right choices that begin in a child’s life because of our ministry. Working with kids will keep you in touch with what truly matters-loving God and loving others.”

In our busy lives we can forget this truth. How well are you doing at loving God and loving others? One concrete way we can love others is to pray for them.

After watching the video together, ask your kids:

How do you think we should pray for children growing up in the Kibera slum in Kenya?

Children there are in need of safety, housing, food and clean water. Please pray for their physical needs to be met. As a family you can pray for the Awana Club, for it’s impact to multiply and for children to be reached with the Gospel message through the ministry of Awana Kenya.

Did you know reaching kids with the Gospel, like the child you just watched, only takes $10? Invite your family to prayerfully consider giving a gift today to reach a child and share eternal hope!


Lisa Bohn

Lisa Bohn

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