What in the World is Storying?

You’ve heard story used as a noun but what does it mean to use story as a verb?

This week when your child goes to their Awana Club over 2.8 MILLION other kids will be participating in an Awana program. Awana shares the Gospel and disciples kids in 115 countries all over the world. We are constantly looking for ways to reach kids with the Gospel message. You might want to try one of the new ways Awana is sharing the Gospel around the world with your own kids. It’s a method called “storying.”

Storying shares the Gospel in an innovative new way. The storytelling methodology engages children and youth through creative, learner-centered activities, which draw them into the Bible stories as if they were there. By asking questions, rather than teaching, children respond at a deeper level in small discipleship groups. The goal is that children and leaders alike will learn Bible stories well enough to retell the stories to family and friends with biblical accuracy. Kids “own” the Bible stories they tell others.

Awana piloted the new Living God’s Story training and materials in Nepal in July of 2015. Awana field staff and volunteer trainers from Nepal were the focus and they will be the first to take the training out. Some of those trained started groups in their homes the next week. One home group went from 20 children the first week to 96 by the third week.

Ready to give it a try?

The next time you read a Bible story with your kids answer these questions together (from http://www.equipdisciples.org/Storying/).

  1. Which part of the story did you like best?
  2. Which part of the story made you uncomfortable or bothered you?
  3. Which part of the story do you find hard to understand? Or: Do you have some questions about the story?
  4. What does this story teach us about God?
  5. According to the story, how are we supposed to act?
  6. Can you retell the story now?

Your family can watch stories of children from all over the world who have been impacted by Awana’s ministry here.

Lisa Bohn

Lisa Bohn

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